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Regal North Hollywood & 4DX

If you are a movie buff, what better way is there to watch your favourite films than in the “4DX” experience? Regal North Hollywood has 4DX!

A theatre containing 4DX technology pops up all over Los Angeles; however, Regal Cinemas’ North Hollywood location’s 4DX Theatre is only one of two theatres in the Los Angeles area!

The 4DX Theatre has all the bells and whistles of other theatres, but what gives it an extra kick is its “4D” technology. This includes motion-based seating, wind, fog, lighting, vibration, water misting, and odors that complement many popular movies.  If you have ever watched a movie and thought, “This scene would be better if I could feel the action taking place,” then 4DX is for you.

If you watch a horror movie like Sinister or Insidious, be prepared to get scared! If you’re watching an intense drama like Lincoln or Les Miserables that has lots of battle scenes, it will actually feel like you’re in the middle of a war zone. If you’re watching a thrilling action movie like Man of Steel, it’s going to feel just like you’re actually experiencing a tornado or a train wreck!

If you want to take your theatre experience from “two dimensions” to “four dimensions,” make sure to check out Regal North Hollywood’s 4DX Theatre.


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