Can Your AC Unit Switch Between Cold and Hot Airflow

You can control the airflow of your AC unit with a dial. Using that dial, you can make your air conditioner blow cold air or hot air. The direction of flow is controlled by adjusting the vents in each room. In cooling mode, when your AC kicks out hot air, it means something is wrong. Check for a broken fan or any other failure that would cause your AC to blow hot air.

If you are trying to make the unit switch between cold and hot air flow, it is possible, but not probable. If an AC blows cold air in cooling mode, it will always be blowing cold air. There are ways for your Dehumidifier or Air Conditioner to switch from blowing hot air to cold air, but not vice versa.

Why You Might Want To Switch Your AC To Blow Hot Air

You may want to switch your AC unit over to blow hot air for a number of reasons. Some homes have ducts that could not be installed in a way that sends the cool air throughout the entire home. This is particularly true with older homes that have been renovated. If the ducts are not balanced correctly, you may find your AC unit blowing cold air in one room and hot air in another.

What happens if you set your AC to blow hot air? The AC will “short-cycle” where it turns on and off repeatedly to try to maintain the temperature. This will use less electricity to do this, but it will drain your battery faster. You can set your AC to blow cold or hot air by adjusting the vents in each room.

How To Make Your Air Conditioner Blow Colder Air

You might have an old model that comes with a dial that controls the airflow. That dial is set to the “cool” position by default. You can move that airflow control dial from cool to hot or vice versa. This will cause your AC to blow cold air, which might help you save money on your electric bill or it could make you extremely uncomfortable.

How To Control The Airflow of Your Air Conditioner

In newer model AC units, the airflow is controlled by a switch. You will find this near your thermostat if you have one. It will give you an option to choose between cold and hot air, but it won’t say “cold” or “hot.” Instead, it will be labeled as “fanon or fan auto.” You can switch it to “fanon” for cold air and “fan auto” for hot air.

You might also have a mode that blows either warm or cool air depending on the temperature you set. If this is the case, your unit will allow you to control the airflow so that it sends out cold or hot air.

Check your owner’s manual for more information about the airflow modes your AC uses.

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