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Why Is My AC Making Loud Noises

Sometimes there are many reasons why your AC makes loud sounds. Most of the time it’s because there is dirt or excessive debris inside the unit which causes metal-to-metal contact or an obstruction, causing the blower wheel to act funny and make noise. Other times, you might need to lubricate parts including bearings, slides, etc. Also, it can be as simple as a bearing going bad.

Bearings, which are located in the fan blade spindle and condenser fan shaft, can go bad quickly because of age or lack of lubrication. If you don’t lubricate them regularly, then they will wear and break down quickly. This component is usually attached to a piece of equipment that rotates. Since it turns at very high miles per hour, this part is always under pressure and will break down easily if you don’t take care of it correctly.

As for the fan blade spindle, it’s more complicated to deal with because you need some heavy-duty tools in order to fix it properly if anything happens. If you don’t take care of your AC unit, then the overall lifespan will be reduced because these parts are designed to last for long periods of time.

You may notice that there is so much dirt inside the equipment which causes it to make loud sounds when operating at high speed. Therefore, if you clean out all debris, then it can help reduce the noise. If you find any problematic part, then it’s best to replace it with a new one if possible.

Troubleshooting Loud Noises My AC Unit Makes

There are three main causes of air conditioning noises. The first one is dirt and debris inside the unit, which affects metal-to-metal contact or causes part obstruction. This can appear as a squealing noise when the equipment turns on high speed to operate during warm weather. You should clean out all dirt and leave no space for it to stay.

Another reason for AC noises is the need to lubricate parts including bearings, slides, etc. It’s important to regularly lubricate these elements because this will help them withstand pressure and last longer. If you don’t lubricate them thoroughly, then they will wear down easily during operation. During heavy-duty usage hours, you may notice that the bearings are no longer moving smoothly and this can cause a loud operation.

The last reason is a faulty bearing which causes the fan blade spindle to not work correctly. When you notice that there is something wrong with the equipment, then you should immediately check on any parts that might be worn out or broken down. This will lead to overheating and further damage. You should also pay regular attention to the whole unit because an old AC will cause problems.

The Main Causes of Air Conditioning Noises

The main causes of air conditioning noises include metal-to-metal contact, bearing failure, and debris in the unit. All equipment will always wear down with time especially when it’s used regularly. If you don’t clean out dirt and debris inside the AC, then it can cause metal-to-metal contact which will result in loud noises during operation. If the bearings fail, then you will notice that it makes sounds and this may lead to overheating and further damage.

Air conditioning noises should always be checked thoroughly by a professional so the equipment won’t break down easily. You may notice that there is debris or dirt inside which can affect different parts and reduce their lifespan significantly. If anything goes wrong, then you should know which part needs to be replaced immediately. Don’t wait until you notice noise because it can worsen if not attended to on time.

You can hire an air conditioning repair technician for maintenance jobs or simply buy the parts that need replacement and do the job yourself. There are many videos on YouTube that show how to replace these parts properly. Always follow the instructions provided by manufacturers or you can ask an air conditioning technician for advice.

Is It Bad If My AC Is Making Loud Sounds?

Having your air conditioner making loud sounds isn’t good for its overall lifespan. Usually, the bearings are used during heavy-duty hours so they can go bad quickly without proper lubrication. If you don’t clean out dirt or debris inside the unit, then it can cause metal-to-metal contact which will reduce its lifespan too.

If your AC is making loud sounds for more than one week, then you should check on any parts that need to be lubricated or replaced, especially bearings. If you notice rust or any damages then it’s best to call a professional Glendale AC repair for a repair job.

If you want to lubricate parts, make sure that you know how to do it properly and use lubricant oil. Also, make sure you buy the correct kind of oil depending on your AC model. Always check with an air conditioning technician before carrying out any work or installation.

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