What Are The Different Types of Air Conditioners

Today there are many different types of air conditioners available in the market. Some of them operate with natural gas, some require electricity to work and some even need water for cooling purposes. There are some common types which you can see mentioned here.

1) Window Type Air Conditioner

These are small units which come fitted inside a window. The compressor and the coils of this unit are installed in a separate room and outside the house. There is a pipe that passes through the wall, which takes away hot air from inside to out and brings in cold air from outside into the room.

2) Split Type Air Conditioner

This type of air conditioner is also called as cassette type. The unit has an indoor and outdoor part; one for cooling and the other for condensing. These two parts are connected through a tube that carries refrigerant gas and takes away the heat from inside.

3) Packaged Type Air Conditioner

This type of air conditioner consists of a 1-ton capacity i.e., about 12,000 BTU. These are mounted on a wall and comprise of an outdoor heat exchanger coil which is connected to the compressor unit inside the house by a refrigerant line.

4) Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioner

These types of air conditioners don’t have ducts or vents to get rid of the hot air outside. They have a metal indoor coil that cools the room and a plastic outdoor coil through which hot air is pushed outside. This type of air conditioner needs to be installed by an expert in your home’s central heating and cooling system.

What Type of an AC You Should Get?

Well, we can’t decide for you what type you should get. You need to decide based on your requirements and budget. For example, for a small room or office, you can buy one which is an open window type that costs less than $200. If you are looking for something which has better airflow, then go with ducted type AC. They cost more but are very useful in areas where there is a lot of dust and pollution.

If you want to spend as little as possible then choose the newly launched split type ACs which cost between $200-$1000 depending upon the size and capacity that you need. These types of air conditioners are considered ideal for small flats or shops. For large homes, ducted type AC is recommended. You can also go in for an air conditioner which is best suitable for your home.

What Kind of AC is Best Suitable For Your Home?

It depends on the size of your living space, where you live, and season conditions. For small flats or rooms, window air conditioners are best suitable for you. Then there are ducted units which have a wide range of configurations depending upon what kind of room it is being installed in. You can choose from wall mounted split type that has separate units for indoor and outdoor. There is also a ducted packaged type that works on the same principle but differs in the sense that they don’t have any window or external unit attached to it.

If you live in an area where humidity levels are very high then you should go with air conditioners having a low operating temperature that can absorb moisture effectively during the cooling process.

Do You Need an Expert To Help You Select an Air Conditioner?

It is always good to get help from a professional. Repairmen or AC technicians are usually consulted before buying any type of ACs. They know the necessary BTU of an AC type that you should buy. They can help you in knowing what is right for your home, shop, or office and what type of air conditioner will work best for your needs and they can easily diagnose air conditioner problems too.

They also know the different types of air conditioners available in the market, which brand to choose from, and where to find them at a cheaper price.

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