Fair Avenue Elementary School

Fair Avenue Elementary School is a public elementary school located in the heart of North Hollywood, California. It was established in 1925 and has been providing education to children from kindergarten through sixth grade ever since. The school focuses on providing a positive environment for students where they are able to learn at their full potential.

In 2011, Fair Avenue Elementary School in North Hollywood began its journey towards implementing new technology into its classroom setting. A majority of the school has been transformed to include smartboards and computers in every room for students and teachers. The success of this program will determine whether or not more schools will continue using this type of technology.

Technology is essential in modern-day education, as it provides children with knowledge that they may not have been exposed to otherwise. It can also help them develop skills such as problem solving and creativity while teaching a new set of vocabulary words in the process. The use of technology in public schools has been growing so fast that by 2015, schools will be expected to provide devices for students to use during class time (K-12).

In addition, Fair Avenue Elementary School in North Hollywood strives to support students from all backgrounds. They have a special program that helps students who have been exposed to domestic violence learn in a comfortable environment where their learning needs are met and they can feel safe. The school also has a large variety of programs for children with different interests such as chess, basketball, art, and many more.

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Overall, Fair Avenue Elementary School is an amazing place for children to develop their educational skills while enjoying what they are learning. Not only will the school ensure that students leave having developed new skills, but they also focus on making sure every student feels accepted no matter who they are.

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