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If you’re looking for a gym where you can really find the motivation to achieve all your fitness goals, Planet Fitness Hollywood is just that. Founded in 1992, this health club has grown to more than 1000 locations across the US and Canada because it provides an unrivalled fitness experience at budget-friendly prices. It’s easy to make Planet Fitness North Hollywood your gym.

To start, their Unlimited Membership is $10/month with no contract. They offer you the freedom to choose any open Planet Fitness location in the US and Canada as well as online access to workout at home. This allows your fitness level to determine what equipment works best for you instead of being limited by which locations have what equipment.

Their facilities are comfortable, clean, and equipped with all the amenities you’d expect from a much pricier gym. [Edited for conciseness and clarity: A sample of amenities includes: Cardio Floor (indoor tracks), Free Weights, and Strength Training Equipment (all pulley-based barbells). There’s an onsite juice bar where you can find healthy food and drinks. They also have a PF TV, which has video workouts as well as daily specials and events posted for inspiration.

Dozens of Fitness Classes are offered at all times (e.g., Yoga, Spin, Group Cycling) that complement your Unlimited Membership with no contracts or extra fees. Since this gym is especially for beginners, they offer a 1-on-1 Fitness Orientation for first-time members so their trainers can show you how to properly use any of the cardio equipment as well as the free weights area.

To ensure your safety, they have staff who are ready to assist with carrying your things down to the locker room or equipment after your workout. They also offer childcare, massage chairs, and tanning booths at select locations; ask an associate about these when you visit their gym in North Hollywood.

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In summation, Planet Fitness North Hollywood is the ideal fitness destination for those looking to take their fitness journey to the next level. Their clean facilities, comfortable locker rooms, and knowledgeable trainers make this gym the perfect place to be healthy and happy.


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