Tujunga Greenbelt

The Tujunga Wash flows through The Tujunga Wash that offers a series of trails for hikers and cyclists to use. Sometimes, the trail is even closed for vehicles on some weekends. The Greenbelt offers a view of running water and nature scapes with tree-lined trails, ponds, and open space. In part due to the historic floods of 1934 and 1938, which led to the creation of flood control channels as well as adding greeneries along those streams.

Tujunga Wash is a bike and hike-able rail trail with an access point at the corner of Laurel Canyon Boulevard and Oxnard Street. It’s also accessible from Fallbrook Avenue, Lassen Street, Coldwater Canyon Drive, Nordhoff Street, Saticoy Street, and DeSoto Avenue. The path cuts through North Hollywood and can be found under the bridges of Highway 170 and Sherman Way.

The path is lined with trees and ponds (most likely created from water runoff) and other greenery, as well as a few trails that branch out on both sides of the wash. There are crossings every quarter-mile or so, except for about 1 mile in between Coldwater Canyon and Busch Motorway, where there are no crossings until it hits Saticoy Street.

This Greenbelt is a great place to visit for those who live in the neighborhood or just want a taste of some tranquility within a major city. It’s also a good spot for exercising as biking and running are popular activities along the path. Take a camera along to capture the natural beauty of the area, including birds, ducks, geese, and hawks that are commonly seen in the area.

Though it is great for exercising, be aware there are no trash cans either so prepare accordingly by bringing some extra plastic bags or simply purchasing a bottle of water. It’s always good to be conscious of the environment.

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