Should I Install an Air Conditioner on My Own

The answer to that question will depend on who you are asking. People who are scared of heights, people with no prior knowledge about air conditioners, and people afraid they might electrocute themselves will likely say no. On the other hand, DIY-ers or weekend mechanics would probably tell you sure—why not? If you want to figure out if you should install or replace an air conditioner yourself, consider the following.

If you are handy with tools and have basic knowledge about how various things work, then yes—you can install an AC unit on your own. You will necessitate some help from other people to get the process started or finished but even if you ask for help after getting much of the work done, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Common Mistakes People Make When Installing Air Conditioners

Many people make mistakes when installing air conditioners. There are some pretty common ones, too. In the following sections, we will examine a few of those as a way to identify what you shouldn’t do and why it is bad for you.

Do not install your AC unit on an outside wall – This is one of the biggest mistakes people make when installing an air conditioner. You should never install your AC on the outside wall of the house for several reasons.

In some cases, it can make your home too cold in summer and when you turn the AC off, there is no protection from storms or high winds when you are using a window unit. In addition, debris blows into the unit and it is often damaged by rain and wind.

Do not use duct tape on your AC – Duct tape is really good for many things, but fixing a leak in your air conditioner hose or line is not one of them. Fixing appliances with duct tape will do more harm than good because you are using an adhesive that is not designed to hold up against certain elements such as heat and cold.

Should I Hire an Expert To Install My AC Unit?

When you ask this question, the answer will depend on what type of AC unit you are installing and who is doing the installation. If it is a window or portable air conditioner, then hiring an expert to do the work is not necessary although it would be wise to find someone with experience if you can. 

The same applies to AC units that are built into a window unit or ductwork. In these cases, the installation is pretty straightforward so hiring someone with experience will not be necessary. On the other hand, if you have a split AC unit, there is some wiring involved and you may need to get permits from your municipality to complete the job legally.

Important Things To Know When Installing an Air Conditioner

Here is a list of important things to know when installing an AC unit:

  • Installing the AC unit on some houses is more difficult than others. You should always check with your HVAC professional first before starting. If you are not qualified to do it yourself, then don’t take the risk and hire someone who is—it’s that simple.
  • You need to be very careful when buying an AC unit. Make sure you buy one that has the BTU rating that is required by your house. You should also consider the size of air conditioner. If it is too small, then you won’t get cool air and if it is too big, the excess will blow out hot air which can make you even more uncomfortable than you were before.
  • Place the AC unit in an area that will receive shade during the day so it does not overheat. This is especially important if your AC unit doesn’t have a backup heating system because you may find yourself without any heat when outside temperatures are low even though inside temperatures are above freezing.

What Happens If My Air Conditioner Is Not Installed Correctly?

Having an air conditioner that is not installed correctly can be very dangerous. First of all, the unit will not perform as well as it should and your room may not get cool enough to suit you. In addition, if the AC unit is leaking carbon monoxide or some other toxic gas, then you could pass out and become a victim of carbon monoxide poisoning.

If you aren’t comfortable doing the installation yourself, then don’t take any chances. Call a professional North Hollywood CA AC installation expert who can do it correctly and safely or hire someone from this site to work with your HVAC contractor on the project.

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