How Do Air Conditioning Systems Work

Air conditioning systems work to keep the air cool by removing humidity from the air. During hot seasons where there is humidity, many people can enjoy cool temperatures indoors. Your heating and cooling system’s thermostat can be set up to switch on your AC at times when it gets too hot or cold out for you.

What Parts Does an AC Consist of?

The parts needed for cooling your home consists of the condenser, evaporator coil, compressor, expansion valve, and refrigerant. The condenser is found outdoors where it cools the hot refrigerant created by the system’s compressor using a fan. When these two components are switched on, they create cold air for your house. The evaporator coil is placed inside of the home, and it absorbs hot air that comes into the unit through your vents. 

This process makes the indoor air cooler due to this absorption of heat by water vapor in the air after turning on the AC. Next, this cooled indoor air passes through the compressor where it gets even colder. The last component, the expansion valve allows the system to be connected with lower pressure. Lastly, when the refrigerant leaves your system via a vaporizing coil that meets warm air from your home inside it and forces heat outside due to the heat energy, you will experience much cooler temperatures in your house.

How To Turn Your AC On

To turn your AC On you need to make sure that the thermostat of your house or building is set to cool. Once the thermostat has been turned to cooling you will need to go outside and find your AC unit. The AC should be close by as it of course is used to cool your home and make things nice and comfy for you on even the hottest days of summer. You should see a large metal box and a cord that is attached to it. This cord should be plugged into an electric outlet for the cooling system to work properly.

The next step in the process of air conditioning is to identify when your AC needs some love and attention when you turn it on. When you go over to the large metal box and place your hand on it you should be able to tell if the AC is on or not. If it’s off then you will need to find the breaker that controls your air conditioning system and switch it from Off to On. Your air conditioning system should turn on after this, but if your home does not cool down in a reasonable amount of time you may have a larger issue that needs to be addressed.

What You Should Know About Air Conditioners

You should know that the efficiency of your air conditioning system will depend on a few factors. You can try to keep your unit clean so it can run more efficiently. If you have any mold or leave moisture collecting around your AC, this will cause it to use more energy and not work as well until cleaned up. It is also important that you have a qualified professional to install your unit. An air conditioning company will give you the right advice with regards to choosing a good air conditioner and help you decide whether you need to replace or repair your old unit.

Other Important Things To Know About Your Air Conditioner

Many people enjoy the cool air that comes from their HVAC, but it can be dangerous for children, pets, and seniors to enter a home when the AC has been running for too long due to possible carbon monoxide risks. Some other parts can fail to work as well over time. That is why it is a good idea to replace your filters at least one or two times a month and keep a spare on hand, if possible. But keep in mind that when you decide to buy an air conditioner, you need to choose the best air conditioner and the right size of AC for your home.

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